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Collision FAQs

What you need to know if you were involved in an accident

Accidents never happen at a good time and if you have never dealt with vehicle repairs and insurance claims, it is likely that you have questions about the process. Don’t worry – we are here to help! Here are some frequently asked questions and general tips about the vehicle repair and the insurance claim process.

First and foremost, your vehicle is yours! You have the choice as to who fixes your vehicle - not the insurance company.

Some insurance companies prefer that you use a repair facility that is part of their “Direct Repair Program”. This program, known as a DRP, is simply an agreement between an insurance company and a repair facility in which the shop writes the estimate for the insurance company. Do not fear if your shop of choice is not a DRP with the insurance company covering the claim, as you can still use the shop of your choice for repairs.

While we are “Direct Repair” with some major insurance providers, we do work with all insurance companies to get your vehicle properly repaired to pre-accident condition. Because all insurance claims, insurance companies, and vehicle repairs are different, just give us a call if you have any questions about the process!

Helpful tips to make repairs smooth


Be aware of your insurance policy on your vehicle. If you are someone who will need a rental car if an accident occurs, make sure there is rental on your policy, as it is typically offered at a very minimal additional cost per year. Also, be aware of the parts agreement on your policy. It is very common for insurance companies to include aftermarket or used parts, in comparison to factory parts.


If your vehicle is not roadworthy and is unsafe to drive, it would be best to get it towed or drop it off at our facility for the safety of both yourself and other passengers on the road. After that, call your insurance company to let them know what is going on with your vehicle and its location, and we can coordinate with the insurance company from there!


Report the accident to the insurance company covering the claim. Call Classic to get an estimate appointment scheduled. Estimates take about a half hour, and during that time we will assess the damage and get the estimate written. From there, we will submit everything to the insurance company and wait for authorization. In the meantime, we can get you on our repair schedule for the repairs themselves, and get you information on setting up an appointment with Enterprise or Hertz for a rental, as we do not coordinate rentals.


Insurance companies typically have a preference on which rental company you use, either Hertz or Enterprise. You do have to coordinate your own rental, as we do not know your schedule and availability. Both Hertz and Enterprise have the ability to meet you here with a rental, so when you drop off your vehicle for repairs, you can get in your rental directly from here and be on your way! The same thing is true for when your repairs are complete – you pick up your vehicle and drop off the rental here!